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Laboratory of Chemical biology of Biomembranes

Cell membranes are where complex molecular interactions crucial for cellular function and regulation take place. We study how membrane lipids and proteins control and mediate these processes using innovative chemical biology and state-of-art imaging tools. We also develop chemical strategies to modulate dysfunctional or dysregulated membrane-related processes leading to diverse human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases.

Postdoctoral positions available: Postdoctoral positions (including senior staff) are available for bio-sensor development and advanced quantitative cellular imaging. Motivated candidates with a strong background in optical microscopy and cell biology are encouraged to apply. Please, send your curriculum vitae and the names of three references to: Wonhwa Cho (E-mail:, or using the contact form below.

Research Group News

  • 11/27/18 Wonhwa Cho is elected Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • 9/12/18 The paper on the cholesterol transporter activity of Patched (in collaboration with Profs. Beachy of Stanford & Cheng of UCSF) is accepted for publication in Cell
  • 7/24/18 Shu-Lin & Zhigang’s paper on PIP3 and PI34P2 imaging is accepted for publication in Molecular Cell
  • 5/10/18 Wonhwa Cho is elected UIC Distinguished Professor
  • 2/12/18 Wonhwa Cho becomes the first LAS Endowed Chair in the Natural Sciences
  • 8/2/17 The Cho group wins the 2018 Avanti Award from Biophysical Society. Congrats to all former & current members!
  • 2/15/17 Shu-Lin & Ren’s paper on orthogonal cholesterol sensors is published in Nature Chemical Biology
  • 3/24/16 The paper with NIH collaborators on 7-Dehydrocholesterol in Wnt signaling is published in Nature Medicine
  • 3/24/16 Our SH2 domain paper is published in Molecular CellSee the “PUBLICATIONS” menu or “PUBMED” for the complete list of our publications